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November 01 2014

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November 20 2012

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Jimmy kommt schon wieder...

December 23 2011

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December 22 2011

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December 19 2011

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December 18 2011

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December 14 2011

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December 08 2011

Piniądz inaczej
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December 04 2011

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December 02 2011

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December 01 2011

FAIL Nation: New Wikipedia Picture FAILs

Wikipedia just added another face to its already wacky cast of characters. Oh boy.

epic fail  - new wikipedia picture fails


epic fail - wiki staring


epic fail - wiki skeletor


epic fail - wiki meth


epic fail - wiki glasses


epic fail - wiki asian

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Jimbo: please read...
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Not enough Jimmy Wales (it's this time of the year again).
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